Top 15 Things to Do in Victoria Falls


The Victoria Falls, on the Zambeze River, is the natural border between Zambia and Zimbabwe along its nearly 1,700 meters, constituting the longest waterfalls in the world. Its 1,700 meters in length can be grouped into 5 waterfalls: Devils Cataract, Main Falls, Horseshoe Falls, Rainbow Falls, and Eastern Cataract. Its waterfalls have a height that ranges between 70 and 108 meters and, during the rainy season, reaches a flow of 550 million liters per minute. In the middle of the amazing landscape is Livingstone Island, named because it was the place where the explorer saw the falls for the first time. Here is the Devils Pool, possibly the most famous bathing place in the world -and at first sight, more dangerous.

You think that when you visit the Victoria Falls you will not want to do anything else. And in part he may be right: when you see them you will not want to leave


There are some things you must do when you visit Victoria Falls

  • Take a thousand and one different photos, another one of the things to do in Victoria Falls

  • Photographing Victoria Falls with Wide Angle

  • Fly over Victoria Falls

  • Bungee jumping towards the river canyon

  • Have a beer overlooking the cliffs of the Zambeze River

  • Cross the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Make a sunset cruise on the Zambeze River

  • See the rainbow from another perspective

  • Do a sunrise safari

  • Stroll through Victoria Falls Town





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