Jet Extreme
Jet Extreme

Jet Extreme

Jet extreme is like rafting, you get to ride the rapids, but you do it on a fast and powerful jet boat. Jet extreme zambia is an amazing experience that needs to be tried by all adventure seekers. The whirlwind fast jet ride in the rapids will leave your heart thumping in excitement. When you enjoy the thrilling experience, you will feel like having more.

Jet extreme

The Jet extreme zambia is a unique experience available on the Zambezi river. The ride offers 25 minutes of pulsating experience riding the rapids in a fast boat. It is done in the Batoka Gorge in the Zambezi river.

Adventure with us

When you book the jet extreme zambia adventure package from us, you can have a great fast jet boat experience. Once you are done, you can also enjoy a cable car ride and even opt for a helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls.

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