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Zambezi Canoe Safari

Upper Zambezi River

A canoeing safari on the Upper Zambezi River is a wonderful opportunity to relax while taking in the breathtaking scenery that flanks the river as it winds its way to the Victoria Falls.

This part of the river is dotted with numerous little islands that are home to a variety of birds and small animals. On his way to find the rising clouds of mist, David Livingstone took this route. “Scenes so exquisite must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight,” he commented as he walked along these banks.

Lower Zambezi River

The Lower Zambezi Canoeing Safari has to be the ultimate of laid-back adventure, as you canoe across a part of the Zambezi surrounded on both sides by National Parks.

Allow the river to carry you along its current as you relax in your spacious two-man canoe. In this magnificently diverse and plentiful River, your River Guide will guide you through remote waterways between the islands, where your chances of getting close to wildlife are extremely great.

Hippos, elephants, zebras, pukus, impalas, buffalo, kudu, waterbuck, baboons, and crocodiles may all be viewed from the comfort of your canoe as they browse on the banks.

We provide half-day and full-day canoe safaris, as well as multi-day canoe safaris, ranging from two to five days in length, with overnight stays at extremely quaint and comfortable bush camps on the river's edge, complete with wonderful meals and white linen mattresses.


Some companies provide all-day ‘participatory' canoeing tours. All of the stuff is carried in the boats, and camps are set up along the river's islands. Everyone pitches in to help set up camp and cook. These expeditions are obviously less expensive and less comfortable, but the excitement of being in the outdoors is amplified.

Adventure with us

When you book our canoeing Safari zambia package, you are guaranteed a fun time enjoying the adventurous Canoing safari either in Lower Zambezi or Upper Zambezi. It’s something you must not miss.

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